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Ultimate Guide to Winning Blackjack Online

Winning Blackjack Online

Get expert advice on the best way to play online blackjack with our Ultimate Guide. Learn how professionals play and find out how they win more bets.

Visit a casino and you will find that the Blackjack section is one of the busiest parts of the casino. There is a good reason for this. Blackjack is one of the easiest games to play, and in addition, it is the game with the lowest house edge. Even though the house edge is so small, many players will use a strategy to make that edge even smaller, giving them a better chance to win. We are going to assume you know how to play Blackjack, but if you do not, be sure to check out our article on how to play Blackjack online.

Winning Blackjack Tips & Strategies

When playing Blackjack, there are some basic rules that you can keep in mind that will give you that little bit more of an edge when playing. This does not mean that you will definitely win every hand, rather, it will just keep you winning blackjack more often.

Learn the rules of the various Blackjack games

Online casinos have many different Blackjack versions available. Firstly, you should learn the rules of any new version of blackjack that you want to play. If you do not make an effort to learn the rules of any game that you are playing, you could end up losing your bankroll much faster than you expected.

Use a strategy card

Strategy cards help players by telling them what is likely to be the best bet at that moment in time. Most casinos do not let you use them in the first place, or if they do, they do not let you place them on the table. But, with online casinos, there is nobody to tell you not to use them.

Know your limits

Before you start a Blackjack game, look at how much you want to spend and for how long you want to play. Experienced players know that discipline is the keystone to being successful at Blackjack. Never spend money that you can not afford to lose. Anything you play with should be seen as money you put towards entertainment. Place bets in line with your strategy, follow your system and do not change bets based on your feeling.

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Avoid Side Bets

The odds of winning a side bet is not in your favour. Stick to the obvious straight bets. Casinos love new players since they almost always go for the side bets, which is always in the favor of the house.

Learn some strategies

Even a basic Blackjack strategy can give you an edge over the house. These strategies are based on mathematics, which took players years to perfect. Learn a simple strategy, with not too many rules, especially if it’s your first time. Make sure you practice the strategy, and there are a lot of free demo games that will allow you to perfect your gameplay.

Some of the better-known strategies are The Martingale, Edward Thorp System, 1-3-2-6 Betting System, Oscar’s Grind, Fibonacci, Paroli, Labouchere, Parley and D’Alembert. Each of these strategies comes with its own pros and cons, which you will need to decide if it fits your needs.

Learn card counting

Admittedly, this might be a little harder in practice. This tip will only help if you play at a live dealer table. Learn the simple Hi-Lo strategy, and this will help you gain a bit more edge against the house. Card counting is not illegal, but casinos do not like it, which makes it a good idea to learn how it works. Avoid tables with continuous shuffle machines, as these make it impossible to count cards. When picking a live dealer table, pick one where the dealer shuffles by hand, if possible.

Winning Blackjack Online


Q: Should I split on a 10?

A: It is generally thought that you should split your cards, but you should probably not split on a 10. Having a hand that amounts to 20 is better than sitting with two weak hands. 

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Q: Is there any guaranteed winning strategies?

A: There are no guaranteed strategies that will work 100% of the time. You can, however, skew the odds in your favor with most of the strategies.

Q: How can I practice my strategies?

A: Many online casinos offer free blackjack demo games for their customers to practice before you play for real money.