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How to Play Roulette Online

how to play roulette online

Our expert team provides all the tips you need to learn how to play roulette online. Knowledge of the best bets and strategies can help you to win more.

What Is Roulette?

Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance in the world. This game can trace its roots back to the 1700s in France, from where it has spread throughout the world to be in almost every casino. Today this game comes mainly in three variations, American, European, and French, each with its own twist.

The aim of this game is for the dealer to spin the roulette wheel, which has numbers ranging from mostly zero to thirty-eight. The dealer then releases a ball in the opposite direction of which the roulette wheel is spinning, causing it to land on one of the numbers on the wheel.

You just need to guess where you believe the ball will come to land by placing wagers on a table with numbers and colors. This simple gameplay is mostly why roulette is seen as such an easy game to get started on.

Roulette is one of the easier table games for new players to learn. However, learning how to play roulette well does take a little time.

You are about to get a crash course on becoming a better roulette player. Let our experts guide you to more wins and more roulette fun!

Which Roulette Game To Play?

Before you play, you must decide which roulette table you want to use. This game comes mostly in three ways: the European, American, and French versions.

The American roulette table has the usual numbers from 0 to 36 but comes with an extra 00 section on the roulette wheel. The reason there is a 00 is that it gives the house a better chance of winning.

The European version of the game is the most popular since you have a slightly better chance of winning than the American version. This wheel comes with 37 numbers from 0 to 36, so we always suggest that you play the European tables when possible. The French roulette game is similar to the European game, with some extra betting options.

how to play roulette online

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Step-by-Step Playing Guide

Playing on a roulette table for the first time can be difficult as there is so much going on; stay calm, though. It is much easier than it looks, though. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to play roulette:

  1. First, you are going to need to place some chips. You can normally choose how much each chip is worth when playing online. You then select which bets to place the chips on.
  2. The most popular bets are the inside bets, which are placed on the numbers. These bets give the highest odds but are harder to guess correctly. 
  3. The outside bets are easier to guess correctly since you can bet on the color the ball falls on or if it is an odd or even number. 
  4. Once you have placed your bets, you must wait until the ball lands on the wheel.
  5. The dealer or the game will pay the winning bets, and you can collect your money.

In online roulette, you normally have the advantage that you can place your bets and then press spin. The only difference when you play a live game is that the dealer will let you know when no more bets can be placed.

Popular Roulette Betting Strategies

Many roulette players look for an edge when they play the game. There are strategies available to help give you a better chance at winning. See below for some of the popular options:

Martingale System

This is one of the most popular roulette strategies. It is based on that you will eventually win even when you are on a losing streak. Place a bet on one of the outside bets. If you lose, double it. Keep repeating this until you win, after which you start with your original bet.

Playing on a table with a low minimum and a high maximum bet is a good idea, as you can quickly reach the maximum if you are on a losing streak. However, always track your betting and manage your bankroll responsibly.

The Grand Martingale System

The Grand Martingale strategy is almost identical to the Martingale strategy, with one little twist. The only difference is that every time you lose a bet, you double your bet and then add your original bet. This is the best strategy for players with bigger bankrolls.

The Reverse Martingale System

The Reverse Martingale strategy works in the same way as the Martingale strategy, just in reverse. With this strategy, you double your bet every time you win, and this helps you to minimize losses. This strategy makes more sense to players as you have less chance of losing your money on a losing streak.

Some Handy Tips

  • Always play at a licensed casino, as you have a better chance of playing a fair game.
  • When you have a choice, play European roulette. The odds are slightly better.
  • If possible, first play the demo version of the roulette game to learn the rules.
  • Set a deposit limit, and make sure you only play with money you can afford to lose

Roulette is a fun and fast-paced game, and you will quickly pick up the rules after a few betting rounds. You can find more top tips from our experts in our Ultimate Guide to Winning Roulette Online. Just remember to keep an eye on your spending and bet limits; you will always have a much better experience when you manage your bankroll.


Q: Can I play roulette for free?

A: Some casinos offer you the chance to play for free. This will be a great way to practice the game while you get familiar with the rules.

Q: What is an outside bet?

A: An outside bet is not placed on any number; rather, you place a wager on the odds or even, red or black, 1 to 18, or 19 to 36 blocks. These outside bets normally have lower odds but have a better chance of winning.

Q: What is a straight bet?

A: A straight bet is when you place a bet on a number (such as 5). You have a much smaller chance of winning, but the odds for this bet are normally around 35:1.